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Grand Menu Deal 

Every day extra menu discount when ordered before 6.00PM.

On Sunday to Thursday even the whole evening!




If you would like to organize an enjoyable evening for friends, family, colleagues or any other company, Le Connaisseur is the right place to be!

In our restaurants we are able to provide pleasant tables for groups consisting of 10 until 100 guests. Naturally you can make use of our special offers. These are even more appealing for a bigger amount of guests. On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we have extra discount on our 3-course menu’s. This festive discount is also valid on the remaining days when ordered before 6.00PM.

It is very important that u, as organizer of the dinner, know that everything is well organized. Therefore we appreciate it if we could make an appointment to discuss all the possibilities and wishes/requirements for the diner. All the agreements we make, will be confirmed on paper. Beforehand we will put together a particular menu in consultation with our chefs. Vegetarian guests or guests with allergies will be taken into account.